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Heaven is rejoicing.


As we see in scripture there is rejoicing in heaven when a person who did not believe in Jesus, chooses to pick up their cross and follow Him. It's not an easy choice or even the safest choice for that matter; but, we can assure you this is the best choice you will ever make!  We want to help you walk out this process of being a follower of Christ, so below we have given you some free resources and practical steps that will kick start your new life! 

Step 01

Get Connected

Discipleship is a very powerful tool we have as believers. We are not designed to be alone, we need other pursuing Christians in our walk. Life Groups at The Well are the best way to get connected and to begin getting poured into. We would encourage you to make this an important first step in your new life journey.  Also at any time, you can reach out to our Discipleship Minister Hannah Allison (Springfield Campus) or Morgan Freeman (Marshfield Campus) if you have any questions. 



Be Baptized

One of the coolest things we get to do as a new believer in Christ is to be baptized. This is a public declaration of our new faith and a symbol of our past being washed away by Jesus Christ. Truly it is a celebratory demonstration of what Christ has done in our hearts. Jesus himself was baptized by John The Baptist. Our baptisms take place at all Night Of Celebrations. Sign Up Below! 

Step 03

Come to Church

Get plugged into your local church! At The Well, we affirm that the Church is the body of believers and not a building. For that reason, it is crucial that You get connected with a church family and start growing and serving in that community. If you want to plug into the well we currently have 3 locations you can get involved with! 

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